Tula, after a few practice rounds, khaught 8 treats for Khyra! Nicely done, Tula!

Hauwii, deserves a prize for his patience and tenacity in dealing with you tube. After 4 failed attempts his human was finally able to send in his entry. The rules didn't say anthing about tag teaming and with help from El'bow, they logged 25 khatches! As a bonus we learn to khount in Dutch!

Moose has put forth a valiant effort, worthy of his name, with 18 khatches to his khredit!

Sugar is running a khlose second to Wyatt, with 16 khatches! Way to go Sugar!

Norwood's been practicing! He's up to 11 khatches! Maybe his mom should try tossing frogs!

Tucker, the Great Dane, has entered with 6 khatches to his khredit! Tucker, you make it look soooooo easy!

Wyatt! OMD!!! 25 khonsecutive khatches

Gooooo Norwood! 6 khatches... and a few bloopers