Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And the winner is....

Wyatt! OMD!!! 25 khonsekhutive khatches!!!

Khongratulations, Wyatt! A gas card will be donated, in Wyatt's name, to Khyra's XTerra Transport. He'll also receive a gift card and cookies.

Everyone's a winner! Most especially, the dogs in need. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Khyra and her mom's participation in rescue transports! Thanks, for all you do for the dogs!

I'd like to thank all the participants, both bloopers and contestants, for their participation! It was so awesome of all of you to help Khyra assist other dogs on their way to safety.

If you haven't yet, head over to Khyra's Khatch Me If You Khan Khontest blog. Be sure to check out both the contestant's entries and the bloopers!

I know I said there might be a prize for the best blooper. Well, I just can't make up my mind. I love them all! So we have decided all participants will receive a batch of Stumpy's pumpkin/peanut butter/banana cookies. The cookies are made with the three previously mentioned ingredients plus eggs and oatmeal. Substitutions can be made for those that prefer something else. Expect an email in the next day or two.

We had a couple of late entries that are definitely worth sharing in spite of their lateness.

El'bow khatches 8 khookies! I was really looking forward to El'bows video. I had visions of slobber everywhere! Great job, El'bow!

Waldo's 26 khatches would have been khause for a khatch-off with Wyatt. Next time, eh Waldo? Kudo's to Gus for waiting so patiently for your turn.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pawin' It Forward

It all began on Sunday, June 8, 2008. Khyra got her mom up early, gave her the keys to the XTerra and sent her on a journey that continues to this day.

While you and I sleep-in/relax/do our own thing on the weekends, Khyra sends her mom, in her XTerra, to help other dogs on their way to find forever homes. Although no one is counting, I estimate that these weekend journeys have aided, at the very least, 104 dogs (that would be one dog a weekend, but each transport is more likely to be between 2 and 4 dogs and sometimes a cat!) The acutal number is probably closer to 300 dogs that have ridden in Khyra's XTerra on the way to their-happily-ever after. There are usually at least two dogs being transported, at a time. Sometimes more than one transports for more than one rescue, and more than one road trip on a weekend! You can check out Khyra's Photobucket to see some of the beautiful dogs Khyra has helped.

We all do what we can do to "paw it forward," and make the world a better place for our four-legged companions. Phyl, with Khyra's blessing and her XTerra, makes this journey almost every weekend, to give others a chance at a great life. I would like to help. And I would like you to help Stumpy help her.

"Khyra's Khatch Me If You Khan Khontest," will do just that. Send me a video of your four-legged Khompanion khatching as many treats in a row, as possible. The winner will have a $50.00 gas card donated, in their name, to Khyra's XTerra Transport. They'll also receive a batch of Stumpy's favorite homemade pumpkin/banana/peanut butter cookies (without the banana, if you prefer) and a Petsmart/Petco/Walmart gift card...depending on when I can get out of dirtville and where I go.

Send your bloopers in case there is a booby prize!

The rules are simple.
1) Email your video: giantspeckledchihuahuaatlivedotcom (replace the "at" with "@" and "dot" with "." )
2) Include your blog name and url.
3) Video must be raw,unedited and uploaded to YouTube
4) The khatches MUST be counted outloud, on the video.
5) Title the video with the Khatcher's name (the 4-legged) and the number of khatches.
5) If you improve your score, go ahead and enter again.

Khontest begins today (Thursday, May 27) and ends Monday, June 7 at midnite EST.
All video's will be posted to Khyra's Khatch Me If You Khan Khontest blog
Khontest begins today (Thursday, May 27) and ends Monday, June 7 at midnight EST.

Can you beat Stumpy?

Drama Llamas, cheaters and other evil doers, PLEASE, stay away.